Yeari is an old divinity with two entity the good and the evil. His demon part face the angel one through the time and the BPM of the music.
He can remind you the beat of the heart who increase when you give energy on the dance floor.


Metagen is an ambitious NFT project who want to connect the wolrd of fashion with the Metavers through a cartoon character with realistics clothings.
This bored teenager evolve on a cyber univers on purpose to face the Hape unification inside the Metavers.
He’s the bad guy of the metavers, here to take what belongs to him.


King Orkan, tortured by loneliness following the untimely death of his queen, is on an eternal quest to find her. His memories of the past leave him alone in an immeasurable sadness. Taking advantage of the king’s weakness, a demon proposes a pact.


Plunged into the heart of a cyberpunk city, a spaceship tries to escape its attackers. This gives rise to a frantic chase through the city’s meanders. 

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