King Orkan, tortured by loneliness following the untimely death of his queen, is on an eternal quest to find her. His memories of the past leave him alone in an immeasurable sadness. Taking advantage of the king's weakness, a demon proposes a pact.

FOR YOU is a one year project that CoucouMonCoeur did at the 3D/2D school "New3dge art School" with a team of 5 people. The goal was to create a short movie of 3 minutes from scratch. The team worked with a screenwriter in a bid to create a guideline and a storyboard. CoucouMonCoeur did the storyboard and built the environment, the layout, the lighting and the compositing.

Realised by: Killian michaux / CoucouMonCoeur / Louis Clemenceau / Octavio Tapia / Anki Leo.